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mirror, broken (pc)

Posted to Poetry

please critique me however you like: constructively or destructively, academically or informally and personally, whatever. i desire complete desecration, if you have it for me. this is the first poem i've spent more than a couple of minutes on. actually, i probably spent a total of ten minutes on it.

commence thing:

"she has the permanence of glass,"
they say, before shattering
the whispers she mouths alone.

she puts away the light,
the sounds, the murmur of
the voices seeking permanence;
she puts away
and resumes the sounds
only glass lips can make,
and sifting through the pieces of
glass shards she makes
mosaics of words, broken letters,
and punctuation.
the cobblestone glass
almost melts enough
to reflect her whispered poem.

blurring through the lines
she traces figments in the mirror,
where red curves are
forced upward to conceal
the deep blush of her frown.
her poem fades in shudders
while the figments complain that
its plastic can't melt
her immovable gaze.

"she has the permanence of glass,"
they say, before shattering her
into whispered, poetic lines.
she crumbles under blankets
to dream in shades of pink, like
the pale mirth found in laughter that's
pressed to a point
and speared through a shrill red cry.