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Sometimes I wonder
if anything is real
or if everything is real
or if everyone is thinking
what I’m thinking-
Is anyone thinking
what I’m thinking?

Some people say life is a dream
or so it seems-
but it’s all speculation to me

Some people put their faith
in god
or unseen laws-
or they sell their souls to money-
Some people
cover their arsenic with honey

Nothing surpasses human greed
What is now equated as a need
is but mere frivolity
and the things
some people think
that they need
to be happy-
So they sell their souls to greed
and count themselves with their money-

Some people think
success is just the power they wield
with they money they’d steal
from their blind brother with the chance to-
I think my thoughts are lost to these,
A tiny whisper
in the shouts that overwhelm me..

I think most people take for granted
what they’ve never not had
which will just leave them sad in the end
-while I’ll be happy

Maybe I’ll die with a smile in my eyes
Maybe my soul will still be mine..

* * * * * * *