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Fun in Pigalle, the sex/ghetto distric of Paris

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Walking around Paris one day I got so completely and
utterly frustrated and down. I was strolling through
the incredibly beautiful botanical gardens and
internally battling it out, because for some strange
reason I had slipped into a mood in which talking with
people seemed impossibly difficult. After wrestling
with my present social inadequacy I bought a few beers
and commenced with consumption while staring at an
amazing monument and watching the parisians frolick.
Sure enough I felt better and bumbling back to the
youth hostel for my not so well anticipated dinner
date w/ chris the brit I sat down next to a cute
little aussie girl. She came to dinner with us and
unfortunately chris was there to steal all my time
with this girl i wanted. I drank some red wine and was
happy enough but totally unfufilled. At least the
expensive dinner wasn't on my tab, but what would come
next, brought on by only stupidity Jonah could succumb
to, would cancel out all monetary perks. WE went
outside for the concert around the bastille. They
went, I stayed. I talked with people but felt
disconnected. I drank some more and layed down on the
street and watched the crowd go by. People thought I
was homeless laying there on the sidewalk. Eventually
my penis led me to pigalle, the ghetto and sex
district of paris. I went into a sex club and soon was
surrounded by three ruthless thugs who yelled and hit
me as they demanded I sign over $600 in travelers
checks. I pretended to have an epeleptic fit and
narrowly escaped with all money intact. On the street
I was followed by a hasheesh dealer who later picked
me up from behind as two thugs ripped of my money
belt. I pleaded for help as I was stranded with
nothing but my camera....oh I mean nothing because
when i took out my camera someone grabbed it and ran.
Luckily I ran across a kindhearted moroccon kid who
offered to put me up. ACtually his intentions were
perhaps not so kindhearted because when I got to his
apartment he let me know, with a note, that he wanted
to fuck me. I ran. I stayed up the night and the next
day remedying the situation canceling travelers
checks, and feeling moronic and half alive. But life
goes on.