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(it morphed into a rhyme)

Posted to Poetry

which words shall i choose
which words best define
these streaming, gurgling,
personal thoughts of mine

flowing and going as
a river freshly fed
teeming with wonders
returning life to the dead

my head once aching
starving for thought
i put off and put off
consuming store bought

ideas have now filtered
thru the mediums of light
reflections from others
shared day and night

ive sat at this machine
for longer than i should
reading works of others
questioning my own good

ow! the pain shooting quick
thru this thing called ego
decimating all one's worth
in one crashing blow

i know
i know

there are far better paths
for one to follow thru
it's simply believing
in ourselves what it true

but connecting with in
needs a connection with out
for there lies the balance
that eliminates any doubt