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It's not so much

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that people will say "this is nothing", because, well, it is something. I'm not sure where you're coming from on that. And from a war justification standpoint, this discovery is still a far cry from Bush and Powell's ominous speeches generated by Pentagon intel. spin.

No one I know, Right, Left, or Center, has tried to claim outright that Iraq posed no potential problem at all. To me, that's not really the point. The real question was how best to deal with this potential problem, given the circumstances of late '02 and early '03.

Let me just throw this out there, and see what you think. I don't consider it off-topic because it ties in with tracking down Iraq's weapons. What would have been wrong with keeping the heat on Saddam and letting the inspectors work for awhile, quintupling the inspections if necessary? This would have allowed us to focus on finishing the job in Afghanistan and dealing more effectively with our demonstrated immediate threat, the al-Qaida network and bin Laden, without spreading our troops and resources too thin. I mean, if this really is a War on Terror, necessitated by the attacks of Sept. 11th, then I think this approach would have been a viable, perhaps more appropriate policy. What do you think?

btw: I'm not saying we should immediately pull our troops out of Iraq. It's too late for that. We need to try and finish what we started.