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Overtones (please critique)

Posted to Poetry

Lol and drop the tone
Down and over the zone
Of time
The art is mine,
And the measure, our own
Scale down
Trip on the bar
Here comes the eight…

Resounding saxophones
And overtones
Blues to the bone
All alone
Away from home
On a bus on the way to town
What to see
On an amazing journey?

Doubtless shadow
That is the real me
From that look in your eye
What a time we will have!

Samba slow
Swinging so-so low
Dance in a trance
See-saw the sitting easy chair,
And tap your foot and sway
Do you hear it?

Drop a line from the bass on down
See the bar trill to your touch
It isn’t much, but
Oh! What a beautiful sound!