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So, let me get this straight ...

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What you're saying here is that:

1) In the Iran/Iraq War, the United States facilitated the purchase and production of WMD.

2) In the Gulf War, the WMD supplied by the U.S. were still there, but we did nothing at that time to get them out, even though we could have. The potential to manufacture WMD was also still there, because the U.S. supplied the education to the Iraqis in the first place.

3) Now, we have engendered yet another violent action to remove the WMD that we planted in Iraq in the first place. You say, where the weapons CAME FROM makes no difference???

"when and where they were made has nothing to do with whether Iraq had them"

Talk about, "My country, right or wrong"!!!! Whew! So what you are saying, in essence, is that the U.S. is like God: "Lord gives and the Lord takes away" these WMD whenever and wherever it suits our purposes. If a bunch of people end up getting killed in the processes, that is not our affair; those are the fruits of war.

Shoot, why in the heck did we give them these potent materials in the beginning? And, if now they want to use them against us (even if I believed you were right here, which is another story) don't you think we deserved it? What did we do when they used these weapons against the Kurds? NOTHING!!

Whether or not you believe that our re-entering Iraq for the purpose of retrieving these weapons was justified, Tfire, surely you must agree that the entire problem was of our OWN making. YOu cannot play both sides against the middle the way we did in the Iran/Iraq conflict, without sustaining some serious consequences. That is what I do not, did not, and WILL NEVER understand about U.S. foreign policy. We need to stop this gameplaying and support only those we really believe in, instead of revealing our own weaknesses by playing off countries against each other. It's not only totally unprincipled and against everything this country stands for, it also puts our own citizens in extreme danger. Yeeccchhhh ....