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Too Easy For The Arrogant!

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I probably wouldn't have responded to this post because I think it's too disjointed. But for you my dear:

First of all.
"supposedly the biggest threat to freedom aside from corporate greed"

What kind of whacked out nonsense is this? Supposedly? It's an interesting position the poster put him/herself in; suggesting Saddam Hussein's innocence as his role as a tyrant was somehow benign in the tyranny. I'd like to hear the rest of the defense of Saddam by the original poster.


I think we're about to find out why Saddam is on trial. The Iraqis have made some terrific statements that show very positive signs of the brewing democracy and a new judicial system. They've made it clear that they want the entire world to see them successfully try this man. Although there's the whole range of opinions outside the courthouse from wanting his beheading in the town square to those who want his return to power. Thankfully those are the extremes and their wishes will not prevail. Funny, it's similar to how it works here in the States. Yes sir, it's beginning to take shape over there. It's still very scary and there will be a lot of thorns on the way up to the blossom. But it is happening.


"when over 800 nobodies are still locked down in american military prisons indefinately without any legal or even basic human rights"

Out of those 800, I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate being called "nobodies". Other than that you'd have to get far more specific. There is one undeniable success that GW and Co. have accomplished since 9/11: Not one single terrorist attack has taken place on the continental U.S. and many have been thwarted. No matter what side of the aisle you're on, this is a statement of pure fact, we haven't been attacked here since 9/11. So the question you might want to ask is: Are we certain that these "800 nobodies" haven't provided intelligence to stop any of the attacks that have been planned around the world, let alone here in the U.S.?

Just ask the right questions and things begin to get much clearer. But I think it simply didn't matter to this poster, so I answered you instead.