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Glad you are back, cause you were getting beaten up in absentia and I was helping. It's so much more fun when you're here. That way I can watch :-) ...

Once again, my geek, you are missing the point: the point is, why does Saddam deserve a TRIAL (justice) and these 800 others (nobodies or not?)linger UNTRIED AND UNACCUSED in captivity? If they are being accused of acts of terrorism against the United States, then they ought to be tried here, by us, for their crimes. Instead, they are just being held, with no accusation, and no means of defending themselves. This is a travesty of American justice. It could be said that the new Iraqi government is showing a better understanding of the meaning of the word justice than we have shown. They WANT to try Saddam -- are eager to do so, as you pointed out. And what are we doing? THAT is the point.

But, of course, the United States is like God, in your mind. It can do whatever it wants, and you will support it. "Canst thou draw out the Leviathan with an hook?" (Job) The U.S. can, so therefore whatever we choose to do must be right in your eyes.

As I said in an earlier post: this is NOT a war (against terrorism) except in the overstretched imaginations of some people in the Republican party, so the "war crimes" clauses in the Constitution do not apply. As for your proposal that keeping these 800 incustody is preventing us from submitting to another terrorist attack: think a little deeper. Since 9/11, the CIA has been beefed up considerably. That has had a LOT to do with it, although I am not in the position to make speculations about degrees of responsibility here, any more than you are.

Bottom line is, these people deserve a TRIAL. That is it. The whole argument. What do you have to say about American justice NOW?