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At that time ...

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I was unsure. I didn't have a position and was trying to form one.

But I do remember asking you something to the effect of:"What if the WMD are not there?" along with a big old hypothesis about what Saddam might actually be doing, from an Eastern point of view, after seeing his denial on TV. And you ROASTED me over a HOT HOT fire. How dare I question the existence of WMD? Of course they are THERE! What am I, an idiot? And so on and so forth. In an effort to understand your position, I bought and read the book written by one of Saddam's weapons advisors (you remember, I gave you a copy) asserting the existence of WMD and other things. I ended up believing him, not taking into account all the other motivations he might have had for exagerrating his views on this topic.

At that point, we had not gone in, and you were furiously debating with me the justification for our going in, from all angles, even though I wasn't even in a debate (I thought) but was just trying to gather the facts.

So ... to cut a fine point here, don't rewrite history by saying you were openminded before we went in. This is just personal quibbling between us two and probably doesn't belong on the board, but I felt I had to call your attention to it, out of strict honesty. Feel free to do the same with me, if you see fit.