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oh, come come ...

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First of all: this isn't Vietnam.

A civil war? I don't know. Could be considered a civil war, I guess. Some Iraqis want democracy, others do not. It's a big stretch of the imagination. I agree that MOST Iraqis just want the whole thing to be over with, to get on with their lives, and to do it in a fair semblance of a democratic society.

OK, so the media is changing the words it's using from "terrorists" to "insurgents". You are assuming that is because they are deliberately trying to mislead the American public about our position there. Could it have ANYTHING, in this case (not Vietnam, pls) to do with the recent exchange of power? According to Webster's (which I have right here) one of the definitions of "insurgent" is: "one who rises up in opposition to governmental or political authority". Since the governmental authority is now in the hands of the Iraqis, in-surge-ents is probably a more accurate word for them. "Terrorism" on the other hand, has a slightly different meaning:"use of terror and violence to intimidate or subjugate, especially as a political weapon" Perhaps these are very finely drawn comparisons, but I am only throwing them out for your perusal, NOT for argument.

Your paranoia about the media and its EVIL intent has been extended about as far as it can be on this board. Mtmynd or someone earlier explained to you precisely what journalism is all about and why slants CANNOT be kept out, even with the best intentions. I merely hypothesize that the change of words has more to do with the change of government than liberal evildoing ...