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Saddam Is Not An Enemy Combatant

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The 800 "nobodies" are. This is a war and Saddam is now being tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity, at least that's my understanding.

I think you're confusing things a bit. I'm not aware of any charges on the 800 enemy combatants.

So, do you want to apply U.S. justice to all terrorists instead of going out and conducting a war on them? And if you choose not to apply American justice then how is it a travesty of that system?

If we had to try every POW in every war up to present, our legal system would have never kept up and a lot of those POWs would still be imprisoned today. Is that being more humane? Another argument for compassion that doesn't result in compassionate actions?

There are a lot of IFs here. I think we need to narrow it down a bit.

How do you know the Iraqis aren't holding enemy combatants/terrorists/insurgents (whatever) as well?

The beefing up of the CIA may or may not be a very significant factor. It takes many months and often years for human intelligence contacts to be cultivated to a point where they produce. That alone would not account for the past three years, in fact it's probably a fairly minor factor. But going forward I would think it's going to increase in significance, taking some of the load off all the other agencies involved in Homeland Security.

Again, if you think these 800 folks deserve a trial than just ask yourself if we should have tried all the POWS in every war we've ever been involved in?

Okay, so now that I've clarified these things can I get off the hook of thinking the "United States is like God"? Please? Geeesh, now you're starting the attack on the messenger too! You seem to be injecting some personal stuff here. I don't know why exactly but I think you should temper you replies for two reasons:

1) You'll be far more effective and
2) You won't turn me off to the point that I won't see the need to reply.

Fair enough?