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So if you're just asking and you really don't know then...

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I'll assume you'd be lying if you produce proof to counter first hand accounts like this:

"After only 48 hours of fighting, the battalion had succeeded in killing between 100 and 200 of the terrorists, leveled a portion of southern Fallujah and in the words of our Regimental Commander "broke the back" of the resistance in Fallujah. Within hours, the terrorists were at the negotiating table proposing a solution that developed in
to what is now known as the Fallujah Brigade. Throughout those intense days, the battalion performed magnificently and earned a very key place in the history of the Regiment's history."

Nothing about "insurgents" or rebels or disaffected Iraqi citizens there I noticed.

I'm also reading a book called "Boots On The Ground" by Karl Zinmeister. I'm sure I'll have plenty more for you.