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Civil war versus guerrilla activity

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is really a matter of degree....
South Vietnam wanted to se·cede from North Vietnam, just like the American civil war. the Vietcong operated within South Vietnam to overthrow the South Vietnamese government and rejoin North Vietnam in a unified Vietnam.
and the North Vietnamese fought in the south to recover the whole country with their Viet Cong allies against the South Vietnamese government.

now, that is an absolute statement without favor or preferential sentiment.

The French colonised Vietnam. The Viet Minh beat the French and forced a surrender and a compromise. The French left the entire north and then two years later abandoned the south. the remnants of the Catholic Vietnamese colonioal partisans, those who liked the French as colonial occupiers, went south from the north and joined the colonial partisans in the south.They abandoned the set up for national elections and se·ced·ed. what followed was a protracted civil war.

Now you can say that Columbia is not having a civil war. You can say they are having guerrila activity and "unrest."

As far as the "insurgents" in Iraq go, we'll have to see. It will unfold and we will see. One can only hope that the violence stops. The last General Macafferty said on MSNBC was he was hopeful but not confident.

Of course rebellion has a value component. Bin Laden has his sense of mission. To understand his mindset is not to condone it ;understanding the Bush family's Saudi biz connection is merely factual and has a valuation component as well. .
Me, I think we should not let the Bush family continue in power and we need to heavily tax their corporate interests as well as stop giving them fat government contracts at taxpayer expense. And yes we need to get Bin Laden and Al Qaida.
But calling anybody an insurgent does not give thwm validity and impetus. It's just a word. The valuation comes with the perspective and interpretation.

I just hope we never need an insurgency here in America.