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I Return Unharmed (but not unarmed)

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Actually, I was among friends. The theater was VERY VERY crowded. I was surprised -- I expected to see it half empty, at least. I ended up jammed between two couples in roughly their fifties or sixties, with the testosterone-oriented elements right next to me. Astonishly enough, both men were absolutely writhing in their seats muttering imprecations about Bush and this "f---d up government" we have. The theater gasped, laughed, cheered, wept, almost in unison, and everybody broke out in applause at the end.

One thing I can tell you: if that clown gets re-elected, we will KNOW the election was rigged. According to someone in the theater, this is a Republican state. I just moved here, so I thought it prudent to ask. If this is how a Republican state reacts to this movie, well, the guy is OUT. Anyhow, that was just my impression.

As for me, I was disgusted and shocked. I try to keep my butt out of politics unless it's something serious (like a war) and even then it's duty that forces me to consider the issues, not pleasure. I'd much rather be reading Jane Austen, thank you very much. But this documentary has motivated me to investigate some of the facts a little more closely. I have the Steven Coll book; I will be reading that. When done, I will turn to "House of Bush, House of Saud" for more details.

As for Tfire: I have two things to tell you, Tfire

1) I now agree with those people on this board who claim that you are high. To have the viewpoints you've shared, surely you must be doped up on SOMETHING.
2) I may not be an American citizen that much longer. I am not joking. This is not tongue-in-cheek. This is no kidding stuff .