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if it were printed on toilet paper

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I suppose I could wipe my ass with it. As it is, it's good for nothing at all.

Obviously they don't run for president in order to get a salary; the voters definitely don't vote based on the size of President's wages... what they do vote for is much more important, whether you try to quantify it in money or other things -- it really, really got nothing to do with what the president's salary is; therefore the said number has nothing to do with the election-related expenses; you could just as well compare those to the mileage of your neighbour's car. But gee... what am I doing, arguing about this mindless crap ? I'll drop it right here...
The GOP should give you an award though -- coz you and guys like you, sure make W look good. One wonders if you aren't their sock puppets or something.
PS. If you don't mind my asking: do you actually publish these opuses of yours? Where would that be? I'd like to take a look.