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Canadien ...?

Well, it was to this audience. It isn't so much POWERFUL as power-full, if you get my meaning. It's got an awful lot of humor, which you don't expect. It maintains a fairly light level, throughout, but that tends to keep the mind very open when poignant things are illustrated or pointed out. All I know is that the audience I happened to be in was completely incensed at what they saw. In most people's minds, Bush was about the size of a piss-ant by the time the movie credits rolled up. There WAS a lot of clapping all over the theater at the end, and I kept hearing expressions of disgust and astonishment, throughout. It's a good thing one of the guys beside me didn't have rotten eggs with him, or he would have been throwing them at the images of Prez. Bush.

I assume you are a Canadien ... if so, you might be interested to know that I was QUITE surprised (myself) at the open expressions of outrage I saw in the movie theater. I didn't expect it. I expected that most Americans would be only mildly interested in this, and most would not come to the movies to see this. Wow. Was I WRONG! damn, the theater was jam-packed. The last people had to beg for the few remaining seats. This is Colorado. I don't know if that means anything to you politically. It doesn't to me. I just automatically assumed that any place was better than California, so Colorado must be GREAT. So far, so great!

If this is a subject that interests you, definitely go see it.

Sure, this is PROPAGANDA. No mistaking that. But I doubt that any of it is an out and out LIE. Now I want to check to see how the facts play out against the movie ...