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I follow the economy fairly close and I'd say this is a very good look at what's happening. To me, it's been apparent that time has not been on Kerry's side when it comes to the economy in the past 8 months or less. It also seems pretty obvious that it's going to be an uphill battle to convince people things are no good going forward, at least until November. Inflation is barely showing up on the radar screen and GDP is thugging along. The jobs issue is silly to me, as it almost always is. We've been made to believe that the secular trend in lost manufacturing jobs since 1979 is the President's fault, whomever is in office. It's as though recessions are not a normal part of any economic cycle, but the sole responsibility of a President. But after mid 1995 anything goes though. But a hurting economy certainly won't help Kerry then.

To be honest with you I wish Kerry would hammer GW about the guns n' butter approach to things. I have major complaints about his rampant spending that was justified a year ago and prior, but not now. I can only imagine GW's keeping it up to maintain stability (war and home economy) leading up the election. But Kerry would serve this country well to bring this issue to forefront. Unfortunately it wouldn't serve Kerry well either. This is politics, so whatareyagonnado?

Thanks for the article. Good stuff.