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Not Black and White But Gradations

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Not so fast with the "Old Testament", that is not where I come from, even if it matches up that way. I'm not religious at all. Although that may change soon.

Also, as far as seeing things in black and white, I really have to disagree that that's where I'm coming from. I don't think you said it directly but I detected an implication, perhaps I'm wrong. Either way...

What I believe is:

Hardships make most people better people. People have to hit a relative bottom to then begin a journey to become stronger/better people. This is not to say that everyone is capable of these processes. That's where you come in on the front lines of finding those who cannot rebound from their bottom. But it also means that you can keep them from reaching bottom by doing what you think might be helping them. Tough love, whatever you want to call it. But to me, there are simply too many examples where people have been given so much in life, only to fall or hover without gratitude. Conversely there are also too many examples in human nature where those that were forced to earn, fight, struggle or whatever, they came back to become stronger people.

Where the difficulty for someone in your position comes in, is trying to identify those who are incapable of becoming stronger and those who are but are not being permitted to hit bottom, then adjusting your actions (agency's actions) accordingly. Since the concept of someone's personal bottom (not arse mind you! lol) is so unique to each and every individual, you're kind of hamstrung out of the gate. What amount of help may work for one person may not work for the next, and so on (gradations). But if you paint with a broad brush in this regard, you will end up letting a lot of folks slip into a system that really isn't helping them or society, it's just enabling and passifying. Sure, you're also helping those who can't help themselves. But is there damage also done by passifying those who need to hit their bottom?

That's just my take.