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Did you read the Hitchens OP ED piece too? I remember when I first came here I saw some threads opened about it but at that time I had only seen him speak on CNBC on the Chris Matthews show. If no one has posted it here I'd love to myself. When someone openly and bravely critiscizes members of his/her own group I give them high marks on the credibility scale. Also, that piece was placed on Slate magazine's website, another fairly liberal outlet that deserves marks for letting him speak openly. Also...

Have you seen the movie yet? I want to badly, but I just can't bring myself to pay for it. I was thinking about asking someone here to contribute an equal amount to the Republican party so that I could pay Moore without sacrificing myself on the alter of Moore's lies. I suppose they could scan a copy of a credit card statement reflecting their contribution (all personal info blacked out of course) and that way I'd know. Then of course I would do the same with my ticket stub. Or would they/I?