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Just more arrogance

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from the pro-Iraq war side.

"He (Moore) is the grizzled face of a culture in denial, the contrarian face of millions who would rather hate Dubya than confront the awesome threat which stalks our age. His success is an urgent warning to those who support the war, who grasp its importance, to raise their game, and fast".


There are plenty of us "anti-war" folks who had no problems with taking out the Taliban in Afghanistan (something that Moore is off-base with, I think). I would have basically supported that operation with or without world consensus and approval. The reason we don't "grasp" why the incredibly costly Iraq invasion and open-ended occupation is so important and necessary is because a suitable justification was never produced by the evasive Bush Administration, and that is because a suitable justification for this particular war isn't possible to make without inventing suitable "facts" at many points along the way to support your case.

It has nothing to do with "hating Bush". That is just typical far-Right-Wing arrogance. It has to do with hating dubious, costly, counterproductive foreign policy decisions undertaken by a President who didn't even have any sort of mandate when he came into office. He was given a mandate by the attacks of Sept. 11th. to fight terrorism. Fine. So let's fight terrorism. How is al-Qaida progressing during our detour into Iraq? Where is Osama these days?