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But that's sort of my point.

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It calls into question the validity of Bush's Iraq policy in the first place. If the costly Iraq invasion/occupation is accomplishing (relatively) little in the fight against terrorism (because things are mysteriously "different" now than they were some months ago), then how exactly is it contributing to the GWOT, or somehow "interrelated/intertwined" with the GWOT? Because you say so? Can you elaborate, here? I prefer to call this asking logical, relevant questions rather than "black and white thinking".

And you're right. Admittedly, "reforming the Middle East" is a bit of an overstatement by me. I had in mind the assertion made by some who agree with Bush's policy that democracy will somehow magically "spread across the region" if we just "get our foot in the door." Sorry to be given to hyperbole and also unclear, there.

As far as the past conflicts you mention, it seems to me we entered most of them for specific, unambigous reasons, directly related to our national welfare or defense; something I don't think can be said for the campaign in Iraq. But then, that's just me.