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it sounds intriguing ... so far, the only contact

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with animals and our shelter is when i got bit on the head by one fella's quite feral dog! the pooch had to go to doggie jail for 30 days for observation, and then we took him to my vet who gave him the full range of shots. sadly, in the past few weeks, the dog ran away, leaving his owner bereft..

absolutely, there are some who when trust is given will respond. tonight, a guy who i know to be a crackhead, and just this morning was selling tools of dubious origin from the back of his pick-up, volunteered to say grace before dinner. these are very small moments - but there is a sublime grace to them.

i've seen a show on tv about a prison in new york that participates in a dog program - was that the one you wrote about? i know that dogs also go into nursing homes and the love they bring to the elderly is a blessing to watch. there's a spaniel group in my area that specializes in that.

well, cat, all i can say is i think you're part of the foolish compassionates, still believing in the basic goodness of folks and animals despite what we see to the contrary around us. America is a tough town but who cares when you got love?