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I can elaborate. But I'm short on time here. I just pointed out to you that the terrorists themselves made a viedeo that was release today. In that video they show all sorts of folks from other countries. Algeria, Sudan, Libya, Iran, Syria.

These are terrorists we're drawing into battle in Iraq, not revolutionaries at all. Well, some may view themselves that way. But until somebody proves that the overwhelming majority of them aren't jihadist anti-infidel types, then that's what I'm going off of.

Why do you think our presence in Iraq is ineffective towards terrorism? Perhaps that's the question you need to regroup on. Both us perhaps. But either way, removing Iraq as a state where terror can be sponsored is pretty key, don't you think?

Magical spreading of democracy? I don't think so, nor have I heard that. But it would be a huge impact. Why do you think Iran and Syria have so many people going into Iraq to counter the coalition? A democracy right there in the midst of all those theocracies/totalitarian states would present a huge threat to them as their citizens would hear way too many stories and would migrate in a much smaller sense than the way Mexicans do here, eventually. Or at least it COULD be that way. It's not what will be that's important when looking at what we're talking about, it's what could be and what that represents to the leadership of the countries in the region.

I'll be back later!

Sorry, was hard on you on the black and white thing, it's just frustrating. You know.