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There you are

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I thought you were ignoring me.

That sounds pretty pathetic and scary. You mean to say that only about two percent were even TRYING, and most if not all simply could not write coherently? We were talking yesterday(small party for relatives) about this feeling of alienation and culture shock. Even people in their early to mid-thirties just don't get it anymore. Something happened. You know better than I do what it was. It is something straight out of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and it makes me glad that I have lived about half my life already.

Did you know Johnny R.? Tall thin young man with dark eyes and hair, and a love for Kerouac and Ginsberg. He said he had you for at least one class. He was probably an example of that two percent. Unfortunately, he could NOT write. He could think, and think deeply, but he could not write. Too bad.

Just gave one cat a bath and groomed another. I have one sick cat and two longhaired cats. The sick cat needs periodic shampoos because she cannot clean herself very efficiently. The longhaired cat that I groomed had to be tranquillized first. Mitzi was a feral cat. She trusts me now, or I would not have been able to get her to swallow the pill at all, but she's never been groomed and her underside and flanks needed de-knotting. Big PILE of cat hair and one grouchy cat hiding under the kitchen table ...