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God bless the ailurophiles.

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Here's an interesting feral cat site:

Actually, the links on the site are more interesting than the site itself.

Today I was eating lunch and working past page 500 in Coll's book ( it's always my lunchtime reading the last month or so) when I heard Boris growling in the living room. Boris never growls. He's an enormous, 17-pound cat, completely docile and loving, with a Tiny Tim-pitched singing voice, in cat timbre.

I went to investigate and saw that he was growling at Sophia, using a vocalization I'd never heard before, because he was carrying a very large, dead ( fortunately) rock dove in his jaws, trying to get away from Sophia with his prize and warning her lest she close in, which she was in the process of doing.

I took the poor, feathered corpse away, noting no signs of violence on the avian body. There has been a bird living in our chimney for the past week, and this may have been it.

I had "walled up" the chimney front to keep the cats from getting in. When I checked after Boris's growl I saw they had torn down the barrier I put up closing off the chimney front.

I wanted to get the bird out and save it, of course ( I saved two sparrows and a finch after devastating window-strikes lately), but couldn't. Perhaps this was the Cask-of-Amontillado-like victim who had been thrashing about in the never-used flue.

Requiescat in pace,


p.s. An interesting and very strange web site:

" a little "Ne Elvis requiescat in pace . . ."