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I worked with them, indirectly

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The last person I worked with also worked directly under a "Suzanne" who founded FCC. They are a great group. I will be volunteering for Alley Cat Allies (Rocky Mountain version) this fall, doing TNR (trap, neuter, release). They seem to be very organized and very serious about what they are doing. I had a long talk with one of the top people in that organization a couple weeks ago. What amazes me is that every single complaint I've had about private cat rescues, they've had also, and they have addressed those problems in their own group very efficiently. I think I will fit right in.

Boris is a 17 lb cat, eh? Sounds like a monster! Or a very pudgy kitty. I watched a cystotomy on an 18 pounder recently. You wouldn't BELIEVE the fat layer on this guy! The vet was literally digging through it to find the omentum and bladder! He sewed the cat up in FOUR layers, because of all the fat. My mother has a nineteen pounder. A fat, lazy, sybaritic old guy who LOVES to be brushed. God forbid he ever needs surgery! I don't want to know ...

You know ( I am sure you do) that it is naughty of you to let your cats go outside. There is no convincing the romantics among cat-lovers that keeping them INSIDE is for their own good! You would like your cats to lead natural and exciting lives, stalking prey and meeting other cats at midnight, under a full moon. But, it will break your heart when Boris catches something that is diseased, and ends up dying, or when he gets run over by a car, or whatever. Sorry, I don't mean to depress you like this. It's just that I used to let my cats roam around outside until I finally became convinced that it isn't safe for them any more -- not that it ever was.

That growling thing is funny. I hear my cats doing it over their food dishes, but they actually love each other. Some part of cat culture that I don't understand ...

I think I may have a nest of baby birds in my chimney this summer. No fires for me until winter starts again.

Don't talk to me about cats, at all, unless you want a LONG email.

Mitzi is still a bit dazed, but she will eventually figure it out and come around.