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1) Yes and probably many other countries as well
2) No, we did plenty to get the WMD but we were restricted by following the "International" coalition that is so important to maintain our "popularity" in the world[sarcasm]. If we had taken a true leadership role we would have gone all the way to Bagdad then and we would have been done with it by now (perhaps). But don't you remember, "no we should even be there because it was about oil" [more sarcasm] and all the crap about how we couldn't do anything until we had a coalition, or the ENTIRE world agrees that it's okay. The U.S. supplied some, but France and Germany had their hands in it far deeper, that's why they didn't want us going in for WMD. Starting to look like something here?

3) Yes, at this point it's pointless. What difference does it make right now? I say this all the time to players on my team "nothing matters more than your next shot, not what happened five years ago, not five minutes ago, nothing matters more than your next shot". Should we learn from it what we can? Sure, but that's all we can do. Geesh, should we freeze and stop the presses because our country and about twenty other countries helped Iraq over twenty years ago before the nutcase Saddam went bizerko in Kuwait? No. So, what do you propose?

My country right or wrong is a NON-STARTER, it means NOTHING in light of what we have to do going forward. It's not my view at all but it is meaningless going forward. Perhaps it's useful for you to attack the messenger once again. But not for me. Chew on it, I don't care.

I tell you what abcrystcats since you're the one who wants to know about what happened more than twenty years ago, and you find it so goddam important, why don't YOU investigate? hmmm? Frankly I'm tired of talking about our government's actions and how bad they were, but COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT OF WHAT THEY MEANT OVER TWENTY YEARS AGO! I'm also tired of playing daddy, answering every friggin leading question you come up with. It's nothing but a masturbatory short sighted Monday morning quarterback exercise that leads almost nowhwere relative to today's realities. Get your head out of 1980 until you come to the table with something you actually have facts to support.

But before you give yourself this history lesson I would like to know one thing. How is it possible for you to rant on and on about our siding with Iraq, that you think is so wrong, without looking into the true reasons those actions took place? How can you continue to want to argue about all this without your OWN investigation into it? Could it be possible that you don't want to find out the truth yourself?

Note: In another post (2366 I think) you indicated that you thought all the prisoners in Gitmo were Iraqis when in fact I very few are. This leads me to believe you're arguing more with your emotions and you're not fact checking in the least. I'm not perfect at this to say the least. But if you're going to get so upset about this stuff at least do your homework, for you own sake.

Thank you abcrystcats because you've inspired me to read two books:

Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America's Youth -- by Ben Shapiro (because I want to know what happened to you and others here) and
The Case For Sovereignty -- by Jeremy Rabkin (because I want to know more about how we can avoid giving up ANY to the International community)

Good luck and let me know what you find.