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So why didn't you tell me which arguments weren't compelling?

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Or was that just meant as a cheap shot? I thought we were having a reasonable debate here, and now you turn tail and run. aye aye aye, what is this a sniping exercise?

I seriously doubt you'll get the 9/11 report.

I don't mind agreeing to disagree, but I do mind stopping where the rubber meets the road. Perhaps you can put some traction into your accusation that my "bias is showing". Show me which of the facts I've presented are not facts or their mishaped in some way. I beg you to show me where I'm biassed, but more importanly HOW IT IS INCORRECT. I certainly may be wrong because we all make mistakes and let our beliefs get in the way. But when it comes to the facts SPECIFICALLY, please share the ones that you think don't jive with mine.

I'll be waiting.