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No cheap shot intended. And btw, judge not lest ye be judged. Pay attention to your own condescending attitude toward those who see things differently than you, which seems to manifest itself repeatedly on this board. A debate consists of more than just shouting the loudest and longest.

We just disagree. There's nothing inherently right or wrong about this.

Bush could have chosen to avoid war and let the inspectors have a shot at disarming Iraq. This would have been a reasonable course to pursue. But it can also be argued that this path would have had no realistic chance of success, as you have. It's really not an argument that can be definitively won or lost or proven one way or the other. When I enter into these discussions, I have my strong beliefs and the people who oppose me have their own strong beliefs. I believe my plan was the better one to pursue at the time, given the circumstances, but we will never know if this is true, because George Bush decided to take another, much more heavy-handed approach; the results of which are now unfolding. And I hope it somehow works out in the end.

And I did say that MY bias was showing, as well as yours.