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no, quite a few are factual

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just read carefully. Yes, there are some suspicions there too, so what? Saddam had a decade to dispel all suspcions instead of supplying rich grounds for newer and newer ones. How can you hope to always have a 100% proof of that stuff? It's a separate, secretive totalitarian state, for goodness' sakes. He even kicked the inspectors out -- even though being sabotaged even when allowed in the country they couldn't always be relied on to provide a surefire evidence. And even w/o this, they can't find everything if there's no bona-fide cooperation -- and there's never been even a shadow of such. That alone was enough to go ahead and unseat him. Clinton, btw, did bomb him a couple of times. If anything, it took too late.

What proof to you want in all cases? The only final proof would be to receive a nuclear missile up our ass, then we'd know for sure he's got them rockets. Wouldn't it be a bit too late though, what do you think? It's enough to get a 9/11 kind of event once. Would have been better to manage to avoid this one time too.

As far as explaining analogies: you've understood everything yourself. 'nuf said.