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Hey Eddie!

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i'd sorta rather see a Dean-McCain ticket, or even better, Dean & Sal, with Carlo Marx as Secretary of the Interior (sorry just a little inside-the-boozeway Kerouac humor, or humour as our Canadian friends say) but young Eddie and General Kerry are clearly a winning team.

i met and had conversations with both kerry and edwards in new hampshire. one amazing revelation about Edwards . . . I'd been to small intimate rallies with all the different candidates, and saw Edwards last, on his final appearance, late on the evening before the voting. he was decidedly different from the rest in terms of his energy and the energy of the room. the room became electric when he arrived. it was like the Stones playing a small club. all the other candidates were like seeing i dunno Harry Conick Jr. or something, but Edwards was like the Beatles. he has some sort of spark and fire and personal charisma that translated immediately to his voter base.

the Dean rallies were kind of the same, except most of that energy was generated by the audience, and the good Doctor wasn't exactly Hunter Thompson. Edwards really brought the energy with him.

i also happen to love southerners. they're just so polite and nice and salt-of-the-earth types. they really seem like people whose neighbors and personal integrity and manners are more important than how big a car they drive or the cut of their suit. edwards has got part of that clinton southern charm, just a warm kinda guy who loves people. hopefully he loves women just a little less than bill. but of course clinton already blew it for all future presidents, cuz no one's ever gonna get a blow job in the oval office again, which kind of sucks. doh!

so, democrats and non-bushies, we've got our ticket.

the one thing i'll say about this choice is that it IS a little like Clinton-Gore in the sense of the two young inspired guys going up against the establishment old school geezers. president cheney is clearly old-world, and youthful eddie is clearly a new beginning. i think that's a good thing for the ticket.

and one last point: i heard Frank Luntz (Rep. pollster) interviewed on CBC and he said that although roughly 15% of the electorate is still saying they're undecided, when then asked, "So you might vote for George Bush?" most say, "Oh, no, i definitely will not vote for Bush."

i really don't think the undecideds are going to break for the incumbent. americans have had the last 3 or 4 years to form an opinion on him, and if they're not already in his camp, they're not going to swing that way at the last minute.

gephardt would have been a safe choice, but edwards adds fire to the ticket & campaign. gephardt would have been ordering plain chicken breast -- edwards is ordering teriyaki fajita. it's gonna spice things up and add a huge jolt of energy -- and here's a big point -- it will pick up Kerry's game. just as Dean set the pace for all Dems in the primary, Edwards will be the fastest moving, most energetic candidate of the four, and that in turn will enliven JFK.

other big thing: edwards is not going to be polarizing or offensive to swing voters. republicans will hate him and throw everything they've got at him, but their votes are already locked up. the soccer moms and young voters in the swing states will have no reason to not like him, and he'll be this extremely personable frontman inviting people into the tent. as republicans launch their character assassinations on both eddie & kerry, i think it'll be pretty
obvious to middle america voters when you put Kerry & Edwards up beside Bush & Cheney which pair is more trustworthy and honest.

and again, i recommend Doug Brinkley's book on Kerry, "Tour of Duty", which is a really well-written account of our upcoming war-hero President's life.

enjoy the ride. convention in three weeks. clinton & gore the first night, ted kennedy & teresa heinz-kerry on tuesday, edwards on wed, kerry on thursday.

here's to a non-recount november!