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A bomb like that surely won't be courtesy of Saddam now

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Whereas previously this could happen.

That Iraq is a "detour" is something you say, not a fact.

What the "Muslim world" thinks is hard to know for sure: they're backward, their governments are totalitarian, they have no freedom of speech. How do we really know what they think? So, again, what you suggest their thoughts are, is what you say, rather than a fact. (And even if it were true, so what? Why is it so overridingly important what a bunch of terrorised and uneducated retards think.)

What "smacks" of what is, again, a matter of your personal opinion. It may not "smack" of the same to other people. You're welcome to justify your opinion, but before you show that it's true, you can't toss it off like that in a discussion. We've already found out that the "siphoned" 18 billion "stolen by Halliburton" is a maliciously stupid canard. But it looks like no matter what we may find out it'll still "smack" to you of what you want it to smack of.

And so on and so forth...