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You've GOT to be kidding!!!

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How is McCain better than Cheney???????????????????
I don't know if there's enough room on this board to answer that one. I can only hope you're kidding. The biggest way that McCain is better than Cheney is that HE IS NOT CHENEY!!! He's not the beast of corporate America. He's not on his fifth or sixth heart. He's not the devious, evil son-of-a-bitch that Cheney is. He's a war hero that can rival Kerry's "war hero" status. He's got a sense of humour. He publicy disagreed with the administration when he FELT they were wrong. The media LOVES him. He's not one of the main "stars" of Farenheit 9/11 (in other words - the public, after seeing that film now knows what a dick dick is). He's just a way better choice. Luckily it's been Cheney (and Baker and Bush SR. and Rumsfeld etc.) who's been running the show ever since the towers crumbled (did those witnesses actually here explosions???) so there is little to no chance that the Bush/McCain ticket will ever become reality. Thankfully these devious characters are way to egotistical to excuse themselves for a "better" cause - a "cause" that they themselves helped build. Whew.