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by mot-juste on Jul 6, 2004 5:19 PM
There was no "bombing of Baghdad" that anyone could "pump his fist gleefully" over, out of sadism. No grounds for sadism, you see -- since the city wasn't really bombed. One of Saddam's palaces was. Is that something to feel sadistic about? Seems like the only ones full of shit here are the good doctor Frank and you.
1. Baghdad was bombed.

2. Fist pumping in this is moot. You wernt a fly on the wall at the white house during the bombing raids, so your denying it happened doesnt score jack diddly shit..

3."One of Saddam's palaces was". Oh! Now we have it on your authority that there was only one target in the city and it was hit. Ohhhhhhhhkay. Hundreds of sorties, tons of bombs and cruise missles were thrown against one "palace" Riiighhhhtttttt.
The way you sling bullshit around in here makes Baghdad Bob look like George "I-Cannot-Tell-A-Lie" Washington