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I know whatcha mean.....

Posted to Poetry

When the door slammed shut
I swore I'd never look back
I'd vow never to enter again
And then girls sit around chatting
About love notes and making out
and the first one I think of
Is the one I am not allowed too
So the flood takes over
Washing over into the new millenium
Like it was only a moment ago
That I searched the room in the dark
For your hand to greet me
And to find myself so comfortable
Alone in the room with you
I can still remember your soft kisses
As I nuzzle myself into you
and I wish I could fill my wish locket
With a tiny piece of paper
That took me back into that moment
The world burning in flames around us
Instead it lies empty
Just a latch without a key
Nothing fills this little wish box
Because you were everything to me