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I'm tired

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of discussing this subject. I will happily admit(in fact, already have) that I have no head for politics. No matter how many books have read and will read on foreign policy, nothing is going to make sense to me, because at heart, I believe there are only a FEW things worth fighting for. I am not a pacificist, but damn near. And nobody is ever going to convince me that I should regard foreign policy decisions as you might regard a pool game. What happened in the past DOES matter, especially when, going forward, you see the same damn things playing out again and again.

YOu are jumping all over me because of what I said about the people at GITMO. Well, you were the one who likened them to POWs, so I responded in kind. Let them go back to their own countries for trial, would have been a better way to put it. Or let them be tried HERE. It is unconstitutional to keep them locked up without the benefit of justice. How long is that going to go on? Terrorism, regardless of what any Republican creep-o wants to say, is not a WAR, and far too many civil liberties have been taken away from far too many people because that rationale has been used. I am outraged by that. The civil liberties issues, more than anything else, have turned me away from this President.

The war issues I don't fully understand. I only understand that people are and were getting killed, and the reasons for that war are getting weirder every day. We went in there saying one thing, we're walking out saying another thing entirely. It's all doublethink and bullcrap and I get tired of trying to unravel all the threads and then trying to distinguish which ones are lies and which ones are truths, and then trying to argue it all with a bunch of people whose minds are already made up, no matter what I may bring to the table.

FYI, Saddam didn't just GO bizerk-o. There is plenty of evidence that he was bizerk-o all along, and we knew it, but played ball with him anyways. That is a crappy to handle business.

The expression "my country right or wrong" I used BECAUSE no matter what our country does, you seem to be unflagging in your defense of it, particularly when it comes to foreign policy. When it comes to looking at the other side of the issue, you seem to be incapable of critical thought. Talking to you is like talking to a jarhead. Yes, I am attacking the messenger.

As for babysitting me by answering every question, Hah! You can do that with other people now, and if you hated it so much, why did you respond to this post? I have gotten out of your discussions, and intend to stay out, for the time being. I am only responding to this post out of courtesy to you. Bye now.