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i do believe

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i had a post early in this silly thread, in fact, the first reply in this silly thread, that expressed doubt as to the validity of this guy's assessments

jim, you, and i are likely guilty of focusing on this 'bombing' thing...but it is shared, you must agree

the point i was making was that, if you are going to post, as you have, that ordinary iraqis do indeed support the US soldiers and appreciate what they have done, and that tremendous public works are being undertaken, despite the media not reporting on it, but based on the testimony of some returning servicemen/women...

why do you do not believe me, when i say that baghdad was bombed? why do you doubt what i say, but you believe what these other folks say? why do you put credence in those strangers' reports but say you won't accept mine at face value because i'm a stranger?

and you must get off this 'dresden damage or it ain't bombing''s a ridiculous argument