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Fallacy in your earlier statement !

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There were some localized strikes at Saddam's HQ. Once, if I'm not mistaken. Overall, the city wasn't bombed (like it was in '91, for example.)

"Bombing of Baghdad" though, which is the wording used in the article, implies precisely this -- a bombing of a city: firestorm, thousands of civilian deaths, etc. -- reminiscent of Dresden, Coventry in WWII. Baghdad? There was no such thing. Sorry.

Baghdad was bombed more than once. You are mistaken. Civilians were killed. In one bombing a civilian crew member for Al-Jazeera was killed when their office was "accidentally" struck by a "precision" bomb. Ask the people of Baghdad if they have been bombed or not.

And another thing. I saw no reference to Dresden in the initial piece. Oh wait you made it up to suit your argument. Moving on ...