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about the transponders.....

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They are radar enhancing transmitters in every cockpit of every legal aircraft, from the smallest to the largest.

I do not underseand how the transponders of the highjacked airliners were "lost" or became inoperative.

First rule of order in a highjacking is to turn the transponder signal to "3-3-0-0" "highjack" mode. The highkackers knew this, certainly any commercial pilot knows it, and they evidently overpowered the cockpits before the 3-3-0-0 transponder signal could be sent....and turned the transponders off or into the "standby" mode.

This is an essential flaw that should have been forseen a long time ago.

Two things that can be done about this:
1) if a transponder is turned off in-flight, automatic signal enhancement should over-ride and emit a warning signal to radar screens.
2) an alternative means of sending out a highjack transponder signal should be available. As is is right now, or when I was a pilot, the transponder sits in the cockpit and has a dial that is turned to the requested signal frequency, like a combination lock with a series of dials. The FAA controller will say something like, "LitKicks flight 969, dial in trandponder # 6969," and good old Flaming Ace will dial it in and the aircraft controller will then say "SQWAK IDENT!" and the "ident" button on the transponder will be pressed and the exact blip will light up on the radar screen...then the controller will have identified LitKicks flight 969 wnd will be able to track the flight.
When a transponder is in standby or the signal is changed, the level of radar acuity is greatly diminished.
So when the highjackers storm the cockpit before the pilots can dial in the emergency transponder code 3-3-0-0 and sqwak ident for a highjacking, having an alternative means of sending out that signal should be made available, much like the bank teller who presses a silent alarm with a toe to signal security. There should also be highjack signal buttons outside the cockpit in secure locations or on crewmembers bod·ices. And a standby blip.

Making political hay about the highjackings and 9/11 has happened from both sides. It is a part of the culture of our homeland....
Republicans have championed Mayor Julie Annie....Presidunce Bush was seen standing by the firefighters at ground zero....yet the firefighters union supports John Kerry.

The other communications snafu besides the failed transponder set-up and design was the poor communications system the fire departments carried. Also one that was outmoded and failed over several years prior to this tragedy.

Is it making political hay when the Democratic challenger states that our priorities are skewed and promises to place more moneys into the Coast Guard, bring the National Guard home and keep them here, hire more police and firefighters?

The media have a responsibility to present the truth and do so from sometimes varying viewpoints. If the present Repukeplickin Dunce in the White-out house can shit to the American people, who blindly follow him ( no credence given to the Dumbocrats here) into a disastrous war in the land of the two-rivers, Mesopotamia, then certainly we the pooples can hear any form of excretionary shit we want to or deserve to about the fuck-ups in the 9/11 scenario and its case you can't add 2+2. The Iraq War is the ultimate tragedy, one of our own making and will have long lasting effects on the quality of life insude America as well as our world-standing.
By the way, wanna take any bets about the stability of the installed Iraqi puppet regime, or the fate of our invasion?
Not only will we have a new Iraqi enemy regime forthcoming, but it will also be far more deadly and reclusive to the west.