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Hasn't Bush proposed 15 BILLION for AIDS a year ago?

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That's much more than Halliburton purportedly stolen :-)... What are you talking about, eh? Is it too little money? Anyone gave more than that? Why is it the US's problem to deal with AIDS anywhere other than in the US to begin with? Please explicate.

Now, as far as colonize Somalia, etc.: why, in your view, should the US take care of everyone under the sun? Yeah, if we need something there, it makes (perhaps) sense to colonize the place, but otherwise? Can they wipe their ass themselves or they just must have Uncle Sam around for that. And moreover, how did this notion that everyone's entitled to Uncle Sam's endless help come about?

How come the US and other western countries manage to take care of themselves for so many centuries w/o any help from Africa and other such places? Truly bugs me, how do they do it. Africa is the cradle of mankind, they say: you'd think with such a historical time advantage they'd be far ahead of everyone else on earth. Yet. Yet.... What gives?