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Where are you from ??

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You live in a blinkered world my friend. I can only assume your American (I may well be wrong but I doubt it).

The fact that Palestinian children have been murdered (on more than one occasion) by the IDF for simply throwing stones or protesting has been well documented on main stream news here. Even in today’s papers there are reports that a 16 year old boy and his father were both shot dead by the IDF for opening their front door. Two other bystanders were also killed. You wanted facts. Oh but I guess you won't believe this "funny ass" source either.

It was because of people like you that the Nazis came to power in Germany. Open your eyes man. You live in a nation renowned for lying to its people. Renowned for having turned a blind eye more than once on genocide and that’s what the crisis in the Middle East is, genocide. Why should anyone believe US news sources? Your main stream journalists are a disgrace. US TV journalists are merely government mouthpieces. From where I’m sitting I can see the real news and I can see the US “news”. You carry on believing your propaganda and I’ll carry on with mine.