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perhaps...perhaps not...

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Agree that it is not the boogeymen we know as terrorists that will be our downfall but neither will the killer diseases that so plague the human race. It is the fouling of our nest that will eventually do us in. Our polluting and destruction of our environment will change forever our ablility to live...and breathe in this small space we so claim to love.

Humans are the most adaptable of the animal species, able to overcome most of what we call human tragedy but our short-sightedness as to what we are doing to the other species on this planet and our interconnectedness with all living things will be our final downfall. Nobody wants to admit what the science and environmental folks are predicting, with good reason, for it takes responsibility and our predilection for having our way, despite what we are doing holds sway.

Wars will always exist, they are in our nature, so will disease...but we can overcome these tragedies and progress...we are prolific. But...but...BUT...we cannot continue to pollute, destroy, and ignore what is our real key to the continuance of our species...mother earth. Within my lifetime, we have seen changes happen that are unchangeable. Elephants and chimpanzees, for example, will be extinct within a short time, logging threatens the rain forests, gobal warming is melting the ice shelves and glaciers, our oceans and streams are on the brink, sicker than any of us. We are sooooo busy with our OWN self important affairs that we don't see that the sky really is falling... If we don't start walking softly and picking up our toys...we will have no playpen to play in.


...just some thoughts