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one more compliment from me....meant...

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I am not simply in the habit of saying that stuff is good when it is not good, but that was a very good poem and it genuinely went right along with me and i went right along with it. i wrote a poem on here somewhere called "Death Makes no Sense" and found that writing about death was one of the easiest things to do. your writing was clear and concise and there were no lies in there, and you did not come across as straining against anything. it flowed, liked the sea you seem to like, very nicely--although there is not too much nice to say about death.

as for the title: the title is ok. if something better occurs use it, but the current title is ok. is fine.

keep up the good work etc. i liked it a lot. very clear. very metaphysical, without forgetting the concrete. bravo.