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sadhotair (title edit--this is a piece of rubbish)

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*this is shit but i wrote it fast and did it and now i am apologising for the shitness of it you gotta try sometimes and it might be shit but at least i tried etc this poem could read blah blah and it would be the same poor me and my poor poetry i feel quite liberated talking like shit about my own stuff i suck woohoo woohoo i am totally shit i cannot write for peanuts i am obvious i mimic any numbero writers i have no soul to speak of woohoo woohoo*

i suppose i first realized i was sad
on the 29 bus coming from Wood Green to Palmers Green
and i just sort of sat there dumbfounded
on the front top seat
and thought to myself

"my god i am sad
i am sad
there is something wrong with me
normal things that make other people happy
do not make me happy
i like to tear things apart
and see how they work and when i tear them apart
i see usually
that they are constructed of hot air
and that makes me sad and i am sad that i cannot stop tearing things apart and seeing that everything is made out of hot air
because i would like to see that things are not made out of hot air
but my god it seems to me so much these days
that things
are just hot air
and i am just hot air
and i am getting lighter and lighter
and lighter and inside
or outside i float like a flower in the rain"

i suppose
i must have thought
something like that.