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good, clay

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certainly some valid points, and i think well composed, too...

i agreed with soozen's appraisal of the work, but in reality they're two different topics, right? you both have incredibly useful things to say.

sigh. are we crazy for feeling such alarm in our souls? based on what i read, i am terrified for the future of our species, our planet, and certainly our way of life... not that i'm attached to all of the superficial aspects of our "way of life", but there are some damn great things about being a human being in the western world... but there are (to me, and you, and so many others i hope) such a numerous amount of glaring examples of people fucking things up around us... and i think you used a major word in your post: apathy. the general public is to blame for all of this; yet the government is to blame for creating such a load of sheep out of the general public... so where to begin? do we act politically, or do we privately organize and motivate an ethical evolution that promotes intellectual education and critical thinking?

i am reading vonnegut "timequake" right now, and as much as i love him, he is infecting me with a "lost" point of view... he thinks the human race is essentially suicidal, and our actions throughout history (*and especially in the past few hundred years, with the coming of the industrial age, and then tv and the shinking globe) suggest that we are all so depressed that we're just taking a "fuck it" attitude and allowing the world to go down the tubes...

i dunno. i try to live as a buddhist and be merry and positive and spread love instead of hatred, with positivity instead of negativity, but blast it all i'm fucking sick of watching people fuck up this beautiful planet with their selfish and shallow behaviour.

bwah bwah bwah.