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yeah, sigh...

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i've been a little stressed about world issues, disease, the ethics of "progress" and technology, and environmental disaster, ever since i read what einstein said, more than fifty years ago:

"if mankind is to survive, we shall require a substantially new manner of thinking"... he figured that a drastic change had to happen with a decade, or it'd be too late. rather than listen to who many consider the most brilliant man of the 20th century, we've ignored him and accelerated our "progress", along with all of its nasty side-effects.

sigh. in 1985 a meeting of the world's finest environmental scientists got together and gave the world fifteen years. we've already passed their deadline, so thank goodness it appears they weren't totally on the mark.

nonetheless, why don't people take more notice of this stuff?

clay mentioned apathy... it's so appropriate. it's sickening how we all put horse blinders on, just so we don't have to address the guilt we all feel about the society we contribute to.

bwah bwah bwah, off i go again ;)