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i agree about it not being that close

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i've been REALLY studying electoral politics for years now, and did an extensive breakdown state by state for '04.

first of all, 35 states are decided today -- there is no election in 35 states, pre-determined, pre-decided. for sure at least 12 states are going for the cheney-david duke ticket. sorry, i mean the Helms-Rumsfeld ticket -- whoever they put up. 12 states are voting for them. which is 96 electoral votes. but after that . . . it's not going to take much to swing every other state for the Dems.

and you know who else thinks its not going to be close?

william kristol of the weekly standard. he's not saying which side will win, but he has written a couple times that this will not be close. and he doesn't believe, as some bush lackies do, that it'll be a Repub blow-out. he just agrees with you and I that one side or the other is going to win much bigger than 'conventional wisdom' dictates.