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Well, there are many problems, not only that of AIDS

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What about prostate cancer? Personally, I think it threatens me more than AIDS. But regardless, 15 BILLION! Man, that's a lot of money. All for fighting AIDS. Or, maybe you're saying they changed their mind or something? I don't remember anything like that. What I remember from Bush's speech is 15 BILLION. Sure could be used in many ways... you know, 30 million Americans do not have health insurance -- and how many are underinsured. Breast cancer. Multiple sclerosis is decimating our ranks. Urban decay, let's not forget to mention. Some schools are underfunded. A tax cut wouldn't hurt too (those who pay taxes, of course.) 15 BILLION is a lot of money, and we have lot of problems right here. Why should my money go to Africa when what I face, statistically, is MS, prostate and breath cancer, rather than AIDS?