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mi amigo, thank you for reading and understanding. When we can peek beyond our selfish egos, there is always hope and redemption. I have, since childhood, felt a need to speak for those that cannot communicate in humanese for I hear beyond mere words. Despite the uglyness that we create in this world, the beauty is immense and nature has a way of balancing everything out so I do not dispair and am grateful to be alive, to enjoy life, and not worry about how things may turn out, for they will, one way or another. The petty doings of mankind are but a blip in the overall course of the universe. We are born to die as is this lovely place we call home. I just hate to see us accelerate the process without a care or thought as to the consequences but that is the way it goes...

As for Clay and his poets eye...the man is brilliant, a seeker and a quester whose humor never fails to enlighten. More power to the man and his quest!

I am so very glad you are around here too Gordon, for many reasons, including reason.